Earn Money.
Save the World.

elePlate Connects Surplus Food To People In Need By Empowering Businesses To Close The Gap Between Sustainability And Financial Growth.

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Why partner with elePlate?

Make an impact in your community.

Feed people

elePlate Matches Your Surplus Food With A Recipient In Your Community Who Supports Your Neighbors In Need.

Earn Money

Every time you donate food, you'll earn tax deductions. Our software is audited by CliftonLarsonAllen, a national tax accounting firm.

It's Simple

On-Demand or pre-scheduled food donations 24/7 at the click of a button. Automated tax deductions.



Food Insecurity

34 Million people are food insecure. We could feed everyone with the food we throw away.


Climate Change

108 billion pounds of food is thrown away every year. Food waste contributes 10% of global GHG emissions.



Efficiently matching and routing surplus food to organizations that can use it to feed neighbors in need is complex. Nonprofits relying on volunteers can't always meet the needs of food donors.


Food waste wastes money

Every time a business throws away food, it’s wasting money.



Pounds of our fresh food is thrown away every year



Pounds of our fresh food is thrown away

We could feed everyone with the food we throw away.


Seamlessly turn surplus food into financial benefits that feed people and reduce climate change.

Exceptional Recipient Matching

We only work with the best nonprofit operations that safely and quickly get food to people in need. Our recipient matching bar is high to ensure each donation makes the maximum impact.

On-demand and Customizable Logistics

We automatically set the optimal recipient based on a variety of factors and find the cheapest available transportation option. Set your ideal schedule or donate on-demand and have a driver arrive within 30 minutes.

Seamless Reports & Deductions

We automatically generate IRS-friendly reports to make the tax deduction process as simple as possible. We also handle all of the receipts.

Boost Your Brand

Consumers increasingly support sustainable and impact-oriented businesses

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Liability & CA Terms

Every food donation is protected by the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act, which prevents donors from being liable for their food donations, as long as they donate in good faith.

California businesses receive additional protections from the statewide Good Samaritan Act.

SB1383 Compliance

Many California businesses are now or will soon be required to donate their excess edible food. elePlate keeps these businesses in compliance with state and local laws. Contact us for more information.